Huckleberry Homesteader Pentathlon

Competition is open to all ages, great family fun!

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Huckleberry Homesteader Pentathlon

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Manly men, hardy women and above average children, sounds kind of like Lake Wobegon but it's really Huckleberry Homesteader Pentathlon in Trout Creek, MT during the Annual Huckleberry Festival. Competitors come for miles to play and some show up not even knowing they are competitors until their friends talk them into trying the sport.

If you are not familiar with Homesteader Pentathlon, it is a five event competition consisting of nail hammering, airsoft shooting, water pumping, log sawing, and fishing lure casting. All are skills needed by the early settlers and homesteaders of the American West. If you have ever wondered if you have the right stuff to have made it in the early days of yesteryear, the pentathlon is where you will find your answer.

Three of the events are timed; hammering five 16d nails into a block of wood, pumping water to fill a bucket, and sawing off a log with a crosscut saw. Two events are scored; shooting five shots with an airsoft pistol at a target and casting a fishing lure at a target on the ground. The scores are combined with the times to make an aggregate score to determine the champions in each of the following categories; Manly Men 16 and over, Hardy Women 16 and over, Above Average Boys 15 and Under and Above Average Girls 15 and Under.

All competitors will receive a cold beverage and a coveted "I Survived" button. Winners will also receive fantastic prizes. No made in China T-shirts or dinner plate belt buckles will be involved. No animals will be hurt but a tree will probably die to provide the saw log. Come give it a try, you could be the next World Champion!

2018 Contest Winners: 60 Competed

Manly Men 1st Place ~ Glen Raisland - St. Ignatius, MT

Manly Men 2nd Place ~ JR Conniston - Missoula, MT

Hardy Women 1st Place ~ Tish Hall - Eureka, MT

Hardy Women 2nd Place ~ Cara Cocchiarella - Unknown

Above Average Girls 1st Place ~ Ada Clark - Sandpoint, ID

Above Average Girls 2nd Place ~ Rachel Denney, Tumwater, WA

Above Average Boys 1st Place ~ Jim Hanson - Plains, MT

Above Average Boys 2nd Place ~ Max Chimel - Thompson Falls, MT

2017 Contest Winners: 74 Competed

Manly Men 1st Place ~ Charlie Buchman, Missoula, MT

Manly Men 2nd Place ~ Greg Ney, Watertown, MA

Hardy Women 1st Place ~ Connie Gunderson, Thompson Falls, MT

Hardy Women 2nd Place ~ Abbie Peterson, Portland, OR

Above Average Girls 1st Place ~ Kenya Brubaker, Trout Creek, MT

Above Average Girls 2nd Place ~ Rachel Derrey, Tumwater, WA

Above Average Boys 1st Place ~ Garth Parker, Thompson Falls, MT

Above Average Boys 2nd Place ~ Jim Hanson, Plains, MT

2016 Contest Winners:

Manly Men ~ Drew McLaury, Libby, MT

Hardy Women ~ Andrea White, Lake Steven, WA

Above Average Girls ~ Audra Perry, DuPont, WA

Above Average Boys ~ Devon Wadsworth, Trout Creek, MT