Annual Huckleberry Festival Huckleberry Sales

Freshly-picked huckleberries from the 2023 season should be available for purchase during the festival.  The berries are frozen shortly after picking, and sold in one-gallon freezer bags.  The berry season will determine the purchasing limits per person, and the price per bag.  Come prepared to transport your frozen berries home.  If you’re not sure how huckleberries could be used, sample just some of the ways by attending the breakfast which features huckleberry pancakes or visit the Festival Food Booth which serves huckleberry milkshakes, huckleberry pie and cheesecake with a huckleberry sauce, or try out huckleberry ice cream at the Trout Creek Community Improvement Association booth. 

For huckleberry pickers, please call or text Erin at 415-532-6595 to set up a time to purchase any berries you have harvested.

stock photo of huckleberry bush